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Age-group triathletes include people of all ages and abilities, united in the pursuit of their own personal finish line.

Whether you simply wish to finish the race as a weekend triathlon warrior or your goal is to aim as high as you can in the amateur world – age-groupers are your people. At a single race, you will meet first time participants, seasoned Ironman athletes and dedicated representatives of Canada who have travelled as part of Age Group Team Canada.

By definition, an age-group athlete or para-athlete is an amateur athlete 16 years or older. Age-groupers are categorized according to gender and age bracket.

Find support in a Triathlon Manitoba Club or our annual Race Series – which you can find information on below.

Teams & Clubs

Joining a club is an excellent way to get better connected to triathlon – providing opportunities to both give something back and get more out of the sport we love! Click here to go to a page that includes all sanctioned clubs for the 2019 triathlon season.

Race Categories

Each Triathlon Manitoba race event usually includes several of the following race categories. Other race categories (e.g. off-road triathlon, winter triathlon) may be offered at individual events. Check our TriMB Event Calendar for more information.

  • Sprint Triathlon (750M Swim/20K Bike/5K Run): Athletes must be 16 years or older by calendar year end to participate in this event.
  • Olympic/Grand Prix/Standard Triathlon (1500M Swim/40K Bike/10K Run): Athletes must be 18 years or older by calendar year end to participate in this event.
  • Long-Course Triathlon (1900M Swim/90K Bike/121.1K Run): Athletes must be 18 years or older by calendar year end to participate in this event.
  • Sprint Duathlon (2.5K Run/20K Bike/5K Run): Athletes must be 16 years or older by calendar year end to participate in this event.
  • Long Duathlon (5K Run/40K Bike/10K Run): Athletes must be 18 years or older by calendar year end to participate in this event.
  • Olympic Aquabike (1500M Swim/40K Bike): Athletes must be 18 years or older by calendar year end to participate in this event.
  • Sprint Aquatbike (750M Swim/20K Bike): Athletes must be 16 years or older by calendar year end to participate in this event.
Triathlon Manitoba Race Series
Triathlon Manitoba supports an annual Triathlon Manitoba Race Series.

A race series is any race category in which there are 3 events in the race year. In each event, points are awarded to Triathlon Manitoba members to determine series winners overall and age-group winners. An athlete’s total race series points is the sum of the race points from his/her 3 best races and a minimum of 3 races are required. The declining scale system helps to avoid ties in total race series points. Race series winners are recognized at the end of the race season. Triathlon Manitoba supports the Race Series in the place of a provincial championship event.

Triathlon Manitoba keeps a list of all previous years’ award winners.

Age-group athletes under the age of 15 can find race information under the Kids of Steel page.

 Race Points Scale

1st place: 50 pts

2nd place: 40 pts

3rd place: 31 pts

4th place: 23 pts

5th place: 16 pts

6th place: 10 pts

7th place: 9 pts

8th place: 8 pts

9th place: 7 pts

10th place: 6 pts

11th place: 5 pts

12th place: 4 pts

13th place: 3 pts

14th place: 2 pts

15th (and remaining places in age-group): 1 pt

Swim Program

The Province of Manitoba has allowed the reopening of pools, with limited capacity, which allows the restart of our Swim Program following these important points:

  • Pre-Registration is required to attend the Swim Program workouts (see note below)
  • Facility entry only allowed from 7:50pm, via the training tank doors as indicated on the map below
  • A sign-in sheet will be at that entrance for all athletes to use
  • Once inside the facility, please pay attention to the arrows directing traffic
  • We will have a designated bag drop area for our practice
  • We’ll do our best to assign lanes during this time – maximum of 4 people per lane / 2 people per side
  • Masks must be worn right up to the swim lane, only to be removed as you enter the pool
  • Please bring a Ziploc bag with your name on it to store your mask pool-side while you swim
  • All swim lanes will swim clock-wise only, to avoid any time pacing along the lane rope with the swimmer in the next lane
  • Athletes and coaches are asked to maintain a minimum 2m distancing at all times
  • Our swim will end at 9:00pm
  • We ask you to limit yourself to a maximum of 10min in the shower/change area after practice

Full details and information are included in Swim Manitoba’s Return to Play documents. 

To attend the TriMB Swim Program, please E-MAIL THE OFFICE with the date you’d like to attend.  Please note that a current membership is required to participate in the Swim Program.

It is of critical importance that all Triathlon Manitoba Members continue to follow the Return to Workouts Training Protocols, with emphasis on the fundamentals to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

  • Stay home if you feel sick
  • Wash/sanitize your hands, cover your cough and physically distance when you are with people outside your household
  • If you cannot physically distance, you should wear a mask to help reduce your risk 
  • Respect all Public Health orders and restrictions to reduce the number of close contacts outside your household


Swim Workouts

  • Monday: 8:00 to 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:00 to 9:00 PM
  • Head On-Deck Coach: Chris Torrance
  • For additional information please contact Triathlon Manitoba.


  • A 5-time pre-paid Visit Card costs $50.
  • A 10-time pre-paid Visit Card costs $90.
  • Visit Cards must be purchased from the coach on-deck prior to a swim workout (cash or cheque payment only).
  • Visit Cards will be stamped as workouts are attended


  • Do the workouts go year-round? Yes. However, workouts are cancelled on holidays and during Pan Am Pool shutdowns. These cancelled workouts will be announced on our website.
  • Are the workouts only for Triathlon Manitoba members? Yes. You must be a Triathlon Manitoba member. If you’re not a member, you can purchase your membership here.
  • Can developmental swimmers and kids swim too? Yes. Athletes of all ages and abilities are welcome to swim. The lane assignments keep swimmers of equal ability together, and there are separate development lanes on both Monday and Wednesday. Participants must be able to swim 50 meters comfortably.
  • What does a typical workout involve? A typical workout is 60 minutes long. Workouts vary with time of year, but technique, speed, and endurance are all components, and front crawl is usually emphasized as the main stroke. Specific triathlon swimming activities like timed 1500m swims, mass starts, sighting, and head-up drills are included in the workouts to help prepare athletes for the racing season.
  • Who is the coach? Head Coach Chris Torrance has a coaching background with both triathlon and swim programs. He was the Head Coach of the UBC Masters Swim club, and an assistant coach with two BC triathlon clubs. He brings great energy and enthusiasm to our Swim Program.
Age-group FAQ

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