TriMB Introduces Provincial Championships

Celebrating an Amazing History with a New Achievement


2023 marks Triathlon Manitoba’s 35th year as an organization.  In that time, Manitoba athletes have competed around the world, as Elites and Age Groupers, recording countless achievements including World Cup wins, World Champion podiums, Pan Am Championships, Continental Championships, Medals from every Canada Games since triathlon was included and National titles galore!

Ours is a history any province and any sport should be proud of, but all those achievements had two things in common:

1) Our athletes needed to travel outside the province to race
2) None of them were rewarded with a belt worthy of a Heavyweight Champ

This summer, Triathlon Manitoba will host our first Provincial Championships – to acknowledge and celebrate the top athletes in our province, while also offering goals that don’t eat up all this summer’s vacation time and travel funds.  As an added bonus, each of the three Provincial Championship events takes place at the Manitoba World Qualifiers for that distance, so winning a title locally in 2023 will also offer the option to represent Manitoba and Canada internationally in 2024.


The schedule for 2023 Provincial Championships is as follows:

Olympic Distance – Triple Threat Triathlon @ Birds Hill – June 11th

Sprint Distance – St Malo Triathlon – June 24th

Long Distance – Hecla Triathlon – July 15th


In each of these three events, Triathlon Manitoba will acknowledge a Provincial Championship winner and five-deep podium (1st to 5th place) from the overall results of the male and female categories, as well as the Provincial Champion for each age-group category.  The names of each of the six Overall Winners will be added to the Provincial Championship belt each season.

While any athlete can sign up to participate in the above events, you must be an annual member of Triathlon Manitoba to be considered for the Provincial Championship.


UPDATE – the schedule for 2024 Provincial Championships is:

Olympic Distance – Birds Hill Triathlon – June 9th

Sprint Distance – St Malo Triathlon – June 22nd

Long Distance – Hecla Triathlon – July 20th


Who’s name goes on the belt next?

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