Recreational group workouts may resume, but still no Organized Sport allowed.

Updated Public Health Orders taking effect Saturday morning (June 12) allow a return to outdoor sport and recreation for groups of up to five people.  However, they also add a new clause that continues the prohibition of organized sport.

These PHOs mean Triathlon Manitoba programs and sanctioned clubs are not allowed to host sanctioned workouts.  The insurance coverage TriMB offers for any sanctioned workouts is also suspended until organized sport is allowed to resume.


Triathlon Manitoba members are welcome to swim, bike & run.  Members may perform their own workouts as individuals or groups of five or fewer.  But you are not allowed to provide the onsite / in-person coaching or delivery of workouts in any way that could turn recreational a swim, ride or run into an organized workout.


Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief public health officer, said these changes are not meant to signal a reopening of the province, but to allow Manitobans slightly more social contact after weeks of tight rules.

He added that although the public health orders allow for outdoor gatherings, people are reminded to minimize the number of people they interact with as much as possible. Physical distancing and masks are recommended in outdoor settings for non-household members. While the risk of transmitting COVID-19 in outdoor settings is lower than indoors, transmission can still occur when there is close contact.


If you have any concerns about these public health orders or how they might impact your planned training, please contact our office and we’ll work to answer your questions or concerns.

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