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Spring Brick Challenge

March 1 - March 31

The Brick Workout is unique to Triathlon.

For the month of March, our Challenge Series celebrates one of the elements that makes triathlon such a great sport – Transitions.  This month we’re inviting everyone to complete a Brick Workout – go for a bike ride, and as soon as you finish, transition straight into a run.  And we’re happy to offer rewards to help motivate your efforts.

(Do you remember how this feels?)

What is Required?

To enter, complete a bike workout that transitions to a run workout.  Given that it’s Manitoba in Spring, we’ll allow a bit of time for transition (30 minutes or less?), but as long as you complete a bike and run shortly after, you’ve qualified.

Once you’ve done your brick, send us some proof via e-mail or by tagging us on social media. Links to Strava, Garmin or any other platform are fine, as are screen shots from a phone, a photo of your watch or even a quick note to say what you did.  However you track things, we’ll get you entered, as these challenges are all about motivating people to get outside and enjoy our sport.

Where is the Course?

You’re welcome to use whatever route and distance you’d like for this challenge, so the course is wherever you make it.  There is no minimum distance for either segment.  We only ask that you respect any public health orders in place and ensure you respect all rules of the road and other road or trail users.  This challenge is entirely about getting out and doing it, so there are no points for going faster, just for going out!

What are the Prizes?

Each week, we’ll draw for two prizes – a $50 gift card to one of our four sponsors (listed below) and a free entry to April Run Series.  We’ll keep the entries from each week in the draw for the week following, and you can earn one qualification each week, so if you do four bricks through the month of March, you’ll have 2 chances to win a prize in week 1, 4 chances in week 2, 6 in week 3 and 8 in week 4.  That’s 20 chances to win!!

Draws will be made on March 8th, 15th, 22nd and April 1st.  To qualify for each period, you’ll need to submit by March 7th, 14th or 21st at midnight.  For the final draw, the cut-off will be 8:30am on April 1st, so we can include as many submissions as possible.  And again, if you submit an entry before March 7th, it will be in every subsequent draw as well (or until you win).  You’re welcome to submit on multiple weeks, but we will only offer one entry per weekly submission…  just in case there’s some budding star out there who’s doing bricks every day.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Otherwise, we hope to see you out there Biking & Running around Manitoba this March!!






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