New Public Health Orders – May 9th

The Province of Manitoba has announced new Provincial Health Orders to come into effect on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

With infection numbers and hospitalizations rising quickly, the new restrictions close indoor facilities and limit outdoor gatherings to a maximum of five people.  Specifically:

  • 13(3)  Persons may engage in any type of outdoor sporting or recreational activity but they must not engage in any activity as part of a group of more than 5 persons.
  • 13(5)  All persons engaged in an outdoor sporting or recreational activity must maintain a separation of at least two meters from other participants.
  • 13(6) No spectators are permitted at an outdoor sporting facility.
  • 14(1)  All indoor sporting facilities, including swimming pools, must be closed while these Orders are in effect.

We have received additional clarification from Sport Manitoba that the five person limit includes a coach or workout facilitator in that count, so 1 coach & 4 athletes would achieve the maximum of 5 persons allowed to gather outdoors.

If you’re planning to attend a group workout – whether with friends or a sanctioned club – please ensure you follow these public health orders carefully and you’re doing your part to minimize the risk of transmission.  This applies during the workout, but also before and after.  In our Sport MB meetings, Public Health has repeatedly warned that mingling and visits before and after activities have been one of the biggest risks associated to sport.

  • Arrive alone or with people only from your household
  • Don’t mix with any other groups
  • Keep your contacts low

Coaches or workout leaders are required to have hand sanitizer and PPE available at all workouts.  Triathlon Manitoba can provide such packages to programs if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the office.

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