Return To Workouts

We’ve been very fortunate in Manitoba that the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been largely contained, at least relative to the rest of North America.  While it’s still unknown if we’ll be able to host any races in 2020, our return to play submission has been approved.

As part of the Province of Manitoba’s plans for Restoring Safe Services, Triathlon Manitoba submitted our plan for what safe triathlon programs and training would look like this summer, as the Return to Play for Triathlon Programs.  The approval of this plan means our sanctioned clubs and programs can resume training, restoring some sense of normalcy to our community.


Key points of the plan include:
– be aware of restrictions in place & use screening tool before attending workouts
– participants must not attend if displaying any symptoms
– all attendees sign a waiver to acknowledge new risks and responsibilities
– 2m spacing at all times, including before and after workouts
– arrive prepared for workout, avoid use of any other facilities or services
– no sharing of equipment between athletes
– individual efforts are preferred, group efforts for intervals or long rides are permitted (max 10)
– 2m spacing during group intervals, group sizes as small as possible (2-4 athletes preferred)
– keep athletes in the same groups throughout each week, to minimize overall contact
– one designated ride leader will assist any injury or mechanical, with all others keeping 2m distance


If you’re interested in finding groups to train with, please visit our Clubs Page to learn more about our sanctioned clubs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the TriMB office.


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