Western Canada Games Selection Criteria

Triathlon Manitoba will be using a tiered approach for qualification to the 2019 WCSG Team.  Selection of athletes will be focused across three different events, with both automatic, and non-automatic selection as follows:

Primary Automatic Qualification:

The Living Sky Triathlon in Saskatoon, SK on June 22nd& 23rd will serve as our Primary Automatic Qualification event, where the three fastest male & three fastest female games-eligible Manitobans will earn a spot on the team for the 2019 Western Canada Summer.

Triathlon Saskatchewan has confirmed there will be two qualifying races; the first and last of the day on June 22nd (date subject to confirmation).  It is expected there will be several hours between these two races, during which competitors in other races at the event will take the course.  Athletes trying to qualify can enter one or both of the qualifying races.  If an athlete participates in both races, only the fastest of their two finish times will be used for selection purposes.

Each qualifying race will have one male and one female heat.  Start times will be different for the heats but all athletes will be on the course at the same time.  Drafting between athletes of different genders will not be allowed.

Given the planned schedule and draft-legal format, we expect this event will offer the fairest opportunity for automatic qualification.

Secondary Qualification:

– The Fourth spot on each team will be awarded to the remaining male & female athletes with the fastest overall time at the 2019 Birds Hill KoS Triathlon 14-15 Long Course event on Saturday, June 8th (Athletes born in 2002 & 2003 will be given permission to ‘age-down’ for participation in this event).  Athlete’s born in 2006 will participate in the 12-13 Long Course KoS event and have their times adjusted for comparison.

– The Fifth Spot on each team will be awarded to the remaining male & female athletes with the best combined time of any one race at the 2019 Bird’s Hill Duathlon Series (only the 13k bike + 2k 2nd run), PLUS a verified 400m individual swim time-trial.  The swim may be done during a session supervised by Triathlon Manitoba.  If this cannot be arranged, a video of a complete swim (including images of the athlete immediately before and after the swim) can be submitted to Triathlon Manitoba before June 8, 2019.  In either instance, a standard 25m or 50m pool must be used.

– The Sixth Spot on each team will be decided upon review from the committee, and will be awarded to the one male and one female athlete with the strongest performance from the Living Sky Triathlon; BHP Triathlon and/or BHP Duathlon/Swim TT to have not yet been rewarded with an automatic selection.

Athlete Eligibility:

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted their expression of interest letters.  If we haven’t already, we will be following up with each athlete to ensure they have taken out a valid 2019-2020 Triathlon Manitoba membership (which is a requirement for team selection).

Expression of Interest Form

Technical Package

Timing of Selection & Committee:

The selection committee will include:

– the President of TriMB; the Chair of TriMB HP Committee & the Executive Director of TriMB.

We will aim to have the selection finalized and communicated to all athletes who expressed their interest by Tuesday, June 25th.

As always, if you have any questions at all about the selection process or any part of this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the office to discuss.  We’re keen to make this as clear and fair a process as we can for all the athletes.

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