A Challenging Season Ahead

Life during a pandemic has meant giving up a lot, which is part of the reason we don’t want to give up on goals that keep us motivated.  With that in mind, we are proud to present our somewhat different 2021 Season Calendar.

Most of our local Race Events still need to confirm how they’ll operate this summer – which is totally understandable.  It’s hard to know what next week will bring, let alone next month or six months away.  Those events will be updated and announced as their planning progresses.

But our pledge for Triathlon Manitoba this year is to offer at least one event or challenge for our membership every month.  This is how that’s going to look:

JanuaryStrava Challenge
FebruaryBeat the Cold Winter Triathlon Race Event
MarchSpring Brick Challenge
AprilApril Run Series Race Events
May – TBC Du in the Park Race Event & Long-Run Challenge
June – TBC Triple Threat & St.Malo Race Events
July – TBC Peace Garden, Morden & Hecla Race Events
August – TBC Riding Mountain Race Event & Iron-August Challenge

We will keep working to support our Race Organizers to deliver their events in 2021, in whatever format those take place, but we wanted to ensure everyone had fair notice about two of these challenges, because we’ll have some training to do!


May Challenge – Our goal for this challenge will be a 20k run.  We hope this gives everyone enough notice to build your run distance in a safe, smooth progression over the next few months and we will certainly provide options for those who have injury risks or age-limits (on either end) that make a more modest distance a better choice.  For those up to the challenge, we’ll offer several different route suggestions that aim to celebrate the adventure and scenery on offer in our great province.

Iron-August Challenge – 3.8km swim : 180km bike : 42.2km run.  You won’t need  to do it all in one day or all by yourself, as we’ll offer at least a week to complete the challenge and team options too.  But we’ll also find a way to build in bonuses for athletes who reach any one of those distances in a single workout.  Whether this challenge sees you building fitness to achieve your biggest ever week of activity; to complete three amazing endurance workouts in a week or to endure one crazy day you’ll remember forever, we hope you’ll take on this challenge with us – to enjoy the journey as we all build towards the type of madness that birthed our sport!!


Of course, Every Challenge Needs a Reward.  Here we have to say a big thank you to everyone who filled out our pre-season survey.  The results were clearly in favour of Gift Cards from our Local Shops and Free Entries into upcoming events – so every challenge will offer plenty of chances for you to win both!

Additional details will continue to be added to each event as the season unfolds.  If you have any questions or ideas for routes or rewards, we can’t wait to hear from you, so please send us an e-mail.

Here’s to a Challenging Year Ahead!

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